Hi there.

I’m Deira or TheWingedShadow on the most places. Don’t ask. I started using TheWingedShadow as my internet alias when I was 13 and never stopped, so now I’m stuck with it.

I have no idea how you found this place, but feel free to take a look. I rarely update this site with art, though, and mostly use it to dump my various writings. DeviantArt is a much better place to browse through my art.

If you’re interested in pointless rants about my depression, my rats, and my life in general, fandom and game ramblings and the occassional sketch, you should follow my Tumblr. Beware, though. My Tumblr is definitely NSFW and very, very weird, because I am a weird person. Nothing wrong about being weird, though. Everyone is.

Currently I live in Germany, Halle/Saale.

And definitely don’t do enough art.