Crossing Over

Look for the dragon’s footprints
Between the standing stones
Somewhere inside the forest
Where you went all alone.
Follow the path through the mists
Where they danced and drifted and weaved
Between the fair birches so silver
And gnarled oaks as old as the hills.

Home is not what it was to you
Before you were changed and it was changed too
But how were you to know where the path led
When it was no harder than a step
Over a well fitted bridge
Across waters so cold and so clear
Their song so serene in your ears
How were you to know there was a frontier?

You were never lost, you didn’t know
That there was a thing you could lose
Until you went away for three years in a row
And they had passed only for you.
And Father said, it was just the wind
And nothing at all but that
That whispered at night in your ear
And followed your single step.

And look at you now, afraid of a mirror
Afraid both of dark and the light
Where to tread, where to sleep, whom to turn to
And where to find shelter at night?
You are a stranger now, home is not for you
But maybe it just never had been
No more than the far away forest
Where nothing is as it ever seemed.