the same road

We share the same road
The same rain on our windshields
Skidding and sliding
Through the same water under our wheels
You in your big rig
Me with my company golf

And I can feel you
In the skittering raindrops
And the unevenness of the road
Even if I can not see you
We are the same kind
Keep your hands on the wheel
We’re going too fast

Later there is
Solid ground beneath our feet
And yet it feels like falling
Or maybe flying
Or maybe driving still
And we cling to each other
As if we might get lost
At the next bend
Of our own rainy road

I can taste cigarette smoke on your lips
For once, I don’t mind
Hold me tight and hold still
Don’t be afraid
Remember, you said
That’s no accident here
Take over the wheel
Start the engine, shift into gear
There’s no stopping now
Sliding on ice
Air pressure rising
Don’t burn the brakes now
Don’t steer away
Full frontal crash

And we are on the bed and your hands
Are all over my body
And we share the same air
I can feel you
On my skittering heartbeat
How are you doing this,
I wonder, where does this end
Where should we go
There’s still a
Prohibited passage sign
Right ahead