What could have been

In another life, I could have loved you,
A vibrant soul caught in a broken body,
A faded beauty, burnt and jaded by the years.
So many roads we could have walked together,
So many miles to put beneath our wheels.

I always thought that fate was seldom kind to me,
But I can heal my soul and mend my bones
And after that, still have so many years to live
For you, the chance for that is sadly gone
And so I felt obliged to take your hand when you had reached for me.

At night, you needed warmth and thus I gave it freely,
My fire still burning bright beneath my scars.
And it would burn no less no matter how much I would have given.
After all, all men are the same in the darkness
And the steps of this dance, at least, I know by heart.

And yet I must be cruel to you, my friend,
For where my path will lead one day, you can not follow,
And I won’t stay with you, nor will I slow my pace.
But our ways might converge yet for a while,
And I would share your road for many days.