It’s like an intersection
A crossroads made of choice
And everywhere I turn to
A choice that might be wrong
And everything is changing
Right before my eyes
My truths, my hopes are shifting
Except your hand in mine.

Don’t know which way I’ll follow,
Don’t know which way I’ll choose
I know that I can’t hold you
Though you’re the only thing I’d fear to lose
The mountain peaks are white again
Bright shining autumn snow,
I’m leaving, and it doesn’t even hurt that much –
I’m leaving the third time in a row

What can I offer you now except what you already have?
And all the things I have given but you didn’t take?
All my promises laid out, all hidden truths now laid bare
I said, I’m going away, and you said, you would understand
So many words at the tip of my tongue
So many promises I wouldn’t know how to hold
What is left now of all my dreams and my hopes?
Tomorrow nothing will be as it ever was.

I have loved you, you know, with a need so fierce
But every step you didn’t take, every little jest
Took away from that love, and I don’t know if it’s still here
I have waited for you, you see, but the tide has now changed
I won’t invite you once more to share my life or my bed
For I did that too often to no meaningful end,
And I don’t want to build my castles on your shores of fine sand,
So I said, I’m going away, and you said, you would understand.