Another ratdump.

Could make some more decent photos of the critters, however, after loading them onto my PC I noticed I had ISO set on 1600 all the time. I still don’t understand the new camera, but at least I found out how to change the ISO setting now.
Will maybe make some other photos later. It’s fun.

They move less frantically then yesterday and don’t run away from my hands that fast. I suppose they yielded to their fate now. *evil grin*

^ this is one of my two older rats, Lapka, called „D√ľnne Ratte“.

^ the favourite rat of my daughter. She named her Lisa. Have no idea why. She likes sitting on shoulders already and curiosity is her second name.

^ another shot of Lisa.

^ This one is called Masya, some russian alteration of ‚Maska‘, mask. Actually a very random name I use very often for my rats. As far she’s the most shy of the three.

^ Masya again.

^ Another one of Masya.

^ This is the third whelp. She has a perfectly round spot on her left shoulder, so I called her Pyatnyshko, Pyasha for short. Means „little spot“ in Russian. She has absolutely no fear of heights and could probably jump from my shoulder to the floor if I would look away for a second.

^ here you can see the spot.

^ a silly front shot of Pyasha.

^ here she had enough from sitting in my hand and tried to skive off. Of course I didn’t let her.